London Calling

Hello, all! My name is Ariana, and I am studying in London this fall! I will be taking four courses abroad: two to fulfill my English major and two as electives. I am excited for “The Dickens City” which requires students to tour London from Dickens’ point of view. If this were an American Literature class at BC, the city component would be akin to taking Poe tours in Boston. Though I’ll be in an English-speaking country, there are many nuances of British English that I am trying to learn before I leave. For example, “biscuits” are buttery rolls in the U.S., but they are cookies in the U.K. Over the next month, I will be reading up on British slang and finding the closest Nando’s to Heathrow. Meanwhile, I know everyone is getting excited to move back and cheer on our Eagles at Gillette! Please cheer extra loud for me! I’ll be cheering too but for a different kind of football.


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