Transitions: CA to MA to Copenhagen

Hey everyone! My name’s Amanda Shewry and I’m a rising junior studying Communication, International Studies, and Environmental Studies. Actually, as I write this I have completed my first leg of travel to Copenhagen, Denmark where I will be studying abroad. As I wait out my layover in Chicago’s airport I can’t express how stoked I am to be finally taking my adventure abroad, especially considering the only foreign land I’ve visited is Canada. I’m a transfer student so this will be my third college in three years…crazy right? However, I find the constantly new environment and new people a fun kind of challenge, so bring it on Europe.

Copenhagen is the colorful, seaside capital and often I get asked how I chose here to spend my year abroad. Choosing a new home for the next year wasn’t an easy task. Just ask my roommate who had to hear me week after week “choose” a new location: from London to New Zealand to South Africa. My idea of narrowing down meant EIGHT options in my final pool. Soon I realized all the stress of choosing meant one thing; I was incredibly lucky. I had my pick of some of the most amazing places on the planet, just a couple pieces of signed paper and I could go wherever I wanted. I actually initially eliminated Copenhagen because my advisor said it would be hard to find classes towards my areas of study, a logistic analysis. But, after that elimination Copenhagen kept popping up in the most random of places. Like my favorite magazine, National Geographic Traveler, ran a Front Page story on how wonderful this capital city was. I just had this unshakable feeling that a city so well known for its happy people and environmental initiatives was a place that I could learn from and thrive in. So, I went back to my advisor to express these feelings and employ the strategy I fondly call “successful stubbornness.” As a transfer student I’ve found every opportunity is readily available if I only put in a certain amount of effort. So, in my ambitious conquests I’ve learned to ask as many people as many questions as possible until I find a way to make it work. So with a little research and a lot of persistence I’m not only leaving North America for the first time, but moving to a completely unfamiliar country. Wish me luck in somehow learning Danish and GO EAGLES


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