Say Cheese!

Hello everyone, my name is Mary Joseph and I will be studying in Parma, Italy for the next three months! I am majoring in English and minoring in Leadership and Management. I am a junior from Natick, MA.

The city of Parma is halfway between Florence and Milan. Luckily for me, Parma is home to both Parmesan cheese and Prosciutto. I am excited to start this adventure of my life, but also extremely nervous. I am a huge homebody. I love to see my family, hang with my siblings, and play with the love of my life, my 95-pound Golden Retriever, Wrigley. Going abroad is a life changing decision for me, but I know it will be one that I do not regret.

This program is an interesting one. For the first month, I am living in a hotel in Florence going to a different museum, church, or art gallery everyday in order to fulfill my Fine Arts core requirement. The 24 Boston College students in this program will accompany me to Parma at the beginning of October where we get to take a cooking class, live in home stays, and travel to different countries on the weekend. Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Although I will miss my friends, Summer SAPers, Heights Board, and family, I know that I will love my time in Italy. I will be rolling back to Boston in December (literally rolling from all the cheese I will consume) and will be there to cheer our Eagles onto victory in hockey.


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