London, a love letter

While packing for my flight home tomorrow, I stumbled upon the following quote from a course packet:

“We are, all of us who are Londoners, paying visits of greater or less duration to a Personality that, whether we love it or very cordially hate it, fascinates us all.” – Ford Madox Ford in The Soul of London

To me, this quote captures the very essence of London because it truly is more than a city. At certain points, London is “the City,” capital C, a financial hub. In other parts, it is a borough of parks and townhouses. On weekends, it is a hub of markets that cater to many tastes and cultures. The “Personality” about which Ford writes is a personality that suits anyone. Because of this, London makes everyone feel at home. I have experienced this myself, and I can now say I know London better than Boston. Though Boston is the home I am used to, London is the home that demands to be known. London’s distinct “Personality” attracts people in ways that other cities never can and never will. It is a remarkable place, and I will forever cherish my three months here.

I have successfully moved from tourist to student to Londoner.

Now, time to recount my final month in London:

  • Ate breakfast at the Wolseley
  • Strolled around the National Gallery
  • Visited Regent’s Park
  • Had afternoon tea another two times (total: 8)
  • Traveled to the seaside to see Brighton
  • Cooked Thanksgiving dinner with my flatmates
  • Attended Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Toured the Tower of London
  • Rode carnival rides at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and Winterville in Victoria Park
  • Took a ride on the London Eye
  • Ate at Cereal Killer Cafe on its opening day
  • Saw the Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Selfridges depertment store, and Hamley’s toy store all in a day
  • Attended the first ever BBC Music Awards where Coldplay, One Direction, Ed Sheeran,  George Ezra, and many other British acts performed
  • Found sites from the film “Notting Hill” and befriended an employee at the site of the film’s travel bookstore

After all of this, I am heading back to Boston tomorrow night. Thank you, London. Until next time.