Are They Saying Welcome to Scotland?

Hi everyone! My name is Kim Alderman, and I am a junior from Chester, New Jersey. This semester, I am SO excited to be studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland! At Boston College, I am a double major in Elementary Education and Applied Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Special Education. At Edinburgh, though, I’ll be taking a wide range of courses from Architecture to Criminal Justice to Gender Studies. I can’t wait to learn not only about the different cultures present in the city, but also about the way the educational system differs from that of Boston College.

Thus far, things have been going pretty well, and I am excited to continue exploring the city and surrounding areas. It is starting to become second nature that cars drive on the left side of the road and that you pay in pounds not dollars. While I am looking forward to the many exciting trips, socials, and activities the future holds, I am constantly reminded from Facebook and phone calls home of the friends I left at BC and the upcoming endeavors being tackled by my family. Although this has made me think about my choice to study abroad, so has waking up to the beautiful Edinburgh Castle that overlooks the city and the mountainous Arthur’s Seat, both of which have reassured my decision to try something new and gain this already valuable experience. And (hopefully) with time, I will grasp the Scottish accent that at the current moment sounds like gibberish and a foreign language to me.

Until next time…


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