Three Months Down, Three More to Go

I cannot believe I am almost three months into my time abroad. The whole experience has been surreal, and I am having an absolute blast. While I have spent a lot of my time during the week in the classroom and library studying and writing papers, I have had loads of time to explore Edinburgh, England, and other areas in Europe. Since I arrived in Scotland, I have grown to appreciate the culture and accept the differences with open arms. I am still getting use to washing my dishes in a bin within the sink and saying pence instead of cents, but I still have some time to nail down the proper lingo and ways of living.

Despite the great time I am having, I often find myself missing home and BC. Relay For Life, UGBC Elections, and speaker series are all events I love taking part in on campus. It has been sad seeing these events go on without me being there to experience them myself. Although I am missing school, my family, and my friends, I am excited for what the next few months of my time abroad hold. Since I am just about done with classes, I have loads of time to travel and explore the UK and Europe while still finding time to study for exams. In the next few weeks, I have plans to travel around Spain, Italy, England, and Greece with both new and old friends. I cannot wait to see in person the many monuments, buildings, stores, and museums I have been reading about in my classes and online. It may not be the snowy and social justice-filled semester I am use to at BC, but I know I am learning a lot about myself and the cultures around me, and I plan to take all of it back to Chestnut Hill with me in the fall.