Down Under (well just barely)

My name is Carson Truesdell and I am studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador at la Universidad de San Francisco (with fellow SAPer MaryEllen Kray and 13 other Eagles). Before coming to Quito, many people asked me why Ecuador? And at that time I did not have a great answer; however I quickly realized what makes this country, this program and this university special. From the beautiful panorama of the mountains and volcanoes (one of which is currently erupting) I have from my bedroom window, to my caring and inclusive family that is patiently teaching me Spanish, Ecuador lives up to much more than its size.

Ecuador is just different. Where else can you stand in two hemispheres at once? Where else can you be in the rain forest, on the beach, or on top of a mountain all in one day? Where else do you have to carry around a mask in case the nearby volcano erupts? Where else can you have a different juice every day for breakfast (so far in my two weeks there have been no repeats… let’s see how long the streak can go)? Where else can you experience four seasons in one day, but not have four seasons in a year? Everything in Ecuador is a little new, and at times can be a little uncomfortable. Adapt, adjust, repeat. There are a lot of things that have been hard to understand, but with more experiences everything will make sense.

Where else would rather be right now?

This time the answer is pretty easy: Ecuador!


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