Is it normal to eat this much pasta?

Ciao from Firenze!!

I have been here for about a month and a half and I feel like I am finally getting adjusted. The city of Florence is not too big, so we walk EVERYWHERE. My main food groups in Florence include pasta, pizza, gelato, panini, and the occasional healthy salad, so I hope all the walking cancels this out.

I live in an apartment with two of my friends from BC, and two girls from Providence College. We’re on the fourth floor of a building that has a very sketchy elevator, so yeah, I prefer to walk up the 85 stairs. I now feel prepared to stop avoiding the Million Dollar Staircase when I return back to BC. I am studying at Florence University of the Arts, which mainly consists of American students from other schools such as Fairfield, Saint Joseph’s, University of San Diego, and Loyola Maryland. Since I have classes four days a week here, it’s nice to have a long weekend to travel. Italy is in a pretty central location of Europe, so I have been traveling to tons of places on the weekends like the Amalfi Coast, Munich, Madrid, Paris, and Dublin. After a week of midterms this past week, we have a weeklong fall break to do more traveling to London, Lisbon, and Barcelona.

Although I have taken an Italian language class for seven years of my life, everyone knows I’m still American and will talk back in English even when I think I blend in so well. Even though a lot of people speak English here, it definitely helps knowing some Italian so can I ask for directions or translate menus for my friends.

There are also so many American college students here so I haven’t really felt homesick. I get a serious case of fomo every time I watch Snapchat stories from BC tailgates or see #gassongrams on Instagram, but I know I am having a truly incomparable experience abroad and it is going to be so worth it!

~ Lauren D’Alessandro

A picture from the first day in Florence!

A picture from the first day in Florence in front of Santa Croce!

Lost track of how many Margherita pizzas I've eaten

Lost track of how many Margherita pizzas I’ve eaten


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