Gone so Soon?

It’s a weird feeling to dread Christmas. Ignoring the Christmas carols, not eating candy from an advent calendar, having to pretend to my parents that I was excited to go home. This year the countdown to Christmas was a countdown to the most distressing day of the year: the day I would have to say goodbye to my favorite place in the world.

As I rode in the taxi to El Prat the final time on December 23rd, I was so, so, SO unbelievably sad. I looked out the window and watched the city disappear behind me like in the movies and thought about how I wasn’t even close to being finished with Europe, let alone Barcelona. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry until I got on the plane home after spending Christmas and New Year’s with my family in London, but I cry a lot and couldn’t help but tear up a little (a lot) while trying to reconcile the fact that I most likely won’t be back to my beautiful city for many, many years.

At my lowest moment during that taxi ride, El Prat came into view and before the tearing-up turned into straight ugly crying, Funkytown came on the radio. I kid you not. Way to ruin the sad reflective mood! But can anyone cry when Funkytown is on? NO! So I rolled up to El Prat with a tear-free face and a groovy song that would be stuck in my head for at least the next 24 hours.

And really, is there a better way to describe Barcelona than a funky town? Despite the major shortcomings of my program, Barcelona was still able to keep me movin’, keep me groovin’ with some energy (that’s a Funkytown lyric). Every day was so full of life and so little sleep that I don’t think I could have gotten more out of my abroad experience if I tried. However, I do think I’ll need a couple more months to recover.

As is customary when gallivanting around Europe for 4 months, I learned so much this past semester. But mostly I learned that life doesn’t end after abroad. How enlightening, Christina! Let me explain. My plans in college were as follows: Uh, okay, freshman and sophomore year you’re good. Then you’ll go abroad and after that you’ll figure out what you want to do with your life and graduate.

Well, now the abroad part is over. My plan, if you can even call it that, ends now.

The countdown made me dread leaving Barcelona (Obviously, because it’s the greatest place ever), but I was also scared to death of coming home and having nothing to look forward to, nothing but my future to figure out. But you know what? Whatever. Qué será, será. Barcelona showed me  that you can never plan on anything really, but it’ll probably turn out better than you expect if you keep an open mind. So, here’s me looking to the next year and a half with an open mind and awaiting the chance to go on any and all adventures it presents.

Gracias por todo, Barcelona. Ya te echo de menos. Nos veremos de nuevo algún día 🙂

Christina Moore