¡Vamos Ecuador!

Hi everyone! My name is Melanie and I am heading to Quito, Ecuador in a couple short weeks! I have both feelings of angst and excitement as I prepare to head out on what is sure to be an incredible adventure in Ecuador. A little bit about me—I’m a junior from Columbus, OH, studying psychology and medical humanities at BC. I chose to study abroad in Ecuador because I really wanted a program that would push me to immerse myself in a culture and country that is so different than my own. Living with a host family, taking classes only in Spanish, and working at a volunteer placement in the city will hopefully fulfill my study abroad goals. I’ve been asked countless times out of all the places I can go “why Ecuador?” I am eager to explore the Northern Andes, the Amazon rainforest, the coastal lowlands, and the volcanic highlands, really taking it upon myself to get to know a country and a unique culture. I’m praying my minimal Spanish knowledge all comes back to me the moment I land in Ecuador, but I am hopeful I’ll be dreaming in Spanish before I know it. Though I will miss tailgating on Shea on football Saturdays, and Fall at BC, I believe studying abroad in Ecuador will be a truly invaluable experience that will teach me so much for the remainder of college and for my life thereafter.