Paris, je t’aime

Bonjour, tout le monde! My name is Michelle Mackin and this semester I am lucky enough to be studying in Paris through BC’s ILCF program. I am a communication major, and since that area of study doesn’t exactly exist in Europe, I unfortunately cannot fulfill any communication credits. But I will be taking very interesting courses about French language and culture and an art history class (taught in English), all of which I am very excited for! When we get there, everyone studying in Paris has to take a 2-week intensive French course. I am extremely happy about that because I definitely need a refresher after having a break from French all summer; plus I’m going to be living with a host family who will be speaking to me in French (fingers crossed they’ll break into English if I’m seriously struggling). I will be living in the 7th arrondissement (a fancy word for the sections of Paris), pretty close to the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and my school! I’m so excited to get there, meet my host family, and really get to know the city of Paris.

I have two main goals for my experience in Paris. Firstly, I really hope to become fluent in the language. When I get back to BC, I want to begin a minor in French, and I know that staying in Paris with a host family will REALLY help me with mastering the language. In fact that’s really the main reason I chose Paris – originally, I was set on going to London, but when I started taking Intermediate French last fall, I realized that I really enjoyed it and that the only way I could perfect my French would be by going to Paris. My second goal is to really understand French culture. I want to open my eyes to their perspectives and just meet TONS of cool people who I wouldn’t meet at BC.

So now I’m just killing time at home in New York looking at blogs about Parisian food and activities and clothes, and shopping till I drop so I can try (and most likely fail) to be trendy while I’m there. I’m nervous but also super excited for my 3 months abroad and while I am sad that I won’t be at BC this semester, I still can’t wait to finally get my adventures started!